BEKO TECHNOLOGIES introduces new generation of filters


CLEARPOINT 3eco offers higher separation performance with a lower pressure difference

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES, the specialist for the processing of compressed air and compressed gas, launches a new generation of compressed-air filters onto the market with its CLEARPOINT 3eco. The new filters achieve an up to 10-times higher oil aerosol separation performance up to 50 percent lower pressure difference in a wet saturated condition – compared to the model CLEARPOINT 3E. The new CLEARPOINT filters have been awarded the eco label due to the greatly improved energy efficiency.

Higher performance through new and innovative manufacturing technology

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES trusts in a combination of new material and manufacturing technologies in a proven, flow-optimised and corrosion-protected housing. The new manufacturing technology offers a combination of a large filter surface area and a high filter bed depth by means of softpleat technology. An open synthetic fleece (mesh) on the outside of the filter element hereby ensures the required stability of the filter layers without reducing the filter surface area.

With this technology, three instead of five degrees of filtration now achieve a much better filtration performance. “We therefore achieve the highest separation performance with the lowest pressure difference and can offer the most efficient filter currently available on the market,” says Jörg Rambow, Senior Project Manager at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.

Savings over the entire life cycle

The improved filter properties save users operating costs over the entire life cycle of their system: “On the one hand, the compressor requires less energy thanks to the flow-optimised filter and its lower pressure difference, and on the other, the downstream equipment is protected even more reliably through the higher quality of the compressed-air and this have a longer service life,” says Jörg Rambow.

Flexible filters increase process reliability

The new filter elements reliably filter the compressed air, even with a fluctuating volume flow rate of between 30 and 130 percent of the nominal value. The new filter material also means that the CLEARPOINT 3eco is more resistant to temperature. The CLEARPOINT 3eco filters have been validated in accordance with ISO 12500 by the independent Institute IUTA.