Fermat launches WFT 13R CNC horizontal boring mill

2D CNC Machinery Ltd

Fermat Machine Tool, one of Europe’s leading boring machine tool builders is launching the WFT 13R CNC horizontal boring mill at EMO 2017 in Hannover. Marketed and supported in the UK by 2D CNC Machinery of Hinckley, Fermat describes the new universal horizontal boring mill as representing the latest technology in table-type horizontal borers currently available.  It maintains the machine combines power, the ability to absorb high axial forces and has the most precise table configuration in its category.

The WFT 13R has five linear axes and a rotary B-axis.  Travels in X, Y and Z are 4,000 mm, 3,000 mm and 2,000 mm respectively with its W- and ram travel V-axis having travels of 730 mm and 700 mm respectively.

The 1,800 mm by 2,600 mm table design, which has a 20 tonne load capacity and incorporates zero-point work clamping system, incorporates two planetary gearboxes, two servo motors and two pinions that operate in a master and slave relationship that prevents backlash and limits issues such as the effects of stiction.  A fully servo-controlled rotary table option enables continuous B-axis rotation for simultaneous contouring in synchronisation with X, Y, Z, V or W-axes.

The headstock contains the 130 mm diameter spindle which is powered by a 41 kW drive.  During metal cutting the rigid, stress-relieved and high rigidity column adopts Z-axis movement and the workpiece is clamped on the rotary table that travels in the X-axis. The Y-axis ballscrew is 80 mm diameter to further contribute to precision and rigidity along with Heidenhain linear scales, spindle monitoring and control is through Heidenhain iTNC 530.

Toolchange is carried out through the Fermat Robotics 105 system that enables tools to be exchanged quickly direct into the working spindle or to a pre-defined position when an automatic milling head is in service.