Mitsubishi Electric next-generation CNC technology at EMO 2017

Mitsubishi Electric

EMO Hannover 2017, 18th – 23rd September 2017, Hannover
Hall 13 / Stand C85 and Hall 25 / Stand B94

Mitsubishi Electric is addressing the need for fast, precise and affordable control of machine tools for complex machining applications with a new range of CNC systems. The M800 and M80 controllers offer superior functionality and intuitive usability. Enabling users to boost productivity in application areas such as automotive manufacturing, medical component machining and other sectors requiring a combination of high throughput and reliability.

The new M800/M80 series supports up to eight part systems, 32 axes and eight spindles, with multi-spindle synchronisation set control. It also includes Mitsubishi Electric’s “super smooth surface control” functionality, optimising the acceleration/deceleration of each axis even when fine steps in the program exist. Moving the rotary axis more smoothly reduces vibration of the tool during high speed machining. It enables a greater degree of accuracy to be achieved in the same length of time, or enables cycle times to be reduced without compromising accuracy, and can be used even during simultaneous five-axis machining.

The M800 is a high-grade controller designed for high-speed, high-accuracy machining and multi-axis, multi-part system control. For less complex machining systems with fewer axes and spindles, the M80 features the same CNC-dedicated CPU for a combination of high productivity and ease of use.

The CPU is Mitsubishi Electric’s own CNC-dedicated design, offering increased processing speed for improved machining performance, with greater machine responsiveness and more accurate machining.

Smart-phone style navigation
At the same time, Mitsubishi Electric has focused on improving ease of use with these future orientated CNCs, addressing a new generation of operators who have grown up with technologies like smart phones and tablets. The M800/M80 series features icon-based touchscreen navigation with gesture control (pinch, swipe and scroll), improving usability for experienced and novice operators alike.

Screen size options include 10.4in, 15in and 19in for improved visibility. In particular, the 19in vertical display available with the M800 provides two-split multiple windows that can be customised by arranging the software keyboard, document viewer or other application as required, providing an even more flexible and intuitive operating environment.

Connectivity and augmented reality demos
Live demonstrations at the show will also show how the latest CNC controllers allow for a multitude of connectivity solutions, ranging from plant-wide communications to ‘smart servicing’ and training using Augmented reality and smart glasses.

Additional features of the M800/M80 include USB and SD card expansion for storage and backup of large complex machining programs, while a solid state hard drive ensures superior reliability, speed and uptime. Compatibility with a wide range of open network protocols – including CC-Link, PROFIBUS DP and EtherNet/IP – delivers increased flexibility and ease of integration with the wider factory environment. It also makes it simple to connect the CNC with equipment such robots, sensors and other peripherals and devices.

Mitsubishi Electric rounds off its CNC offering with a full range of complementary servo motors, linear servo motors, direct drive servo motors and spindle motors, designed for high accuracy and high speed applications.

This complete portfolio of CNC and drives systems is built on Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory approach to the increasing digital transformation affecting business, and Mitsubishi Electric is underlining this on its stand at EMO 2017, with the general theme “e-F@ctory – pushing business further”.