Mitsui Seiki’s PJ812 precision profiling centre provides higher accuracy contouring and positioning

Mitsui Seiki PJ812
The Mitsui Seiki PJ812 ‘Ultimate Mother Machine’ shown as launched at JIMTOF exhibition in Japan

Mitsui Seiki describes its ‘Ultimate Mother Machine’ being able to realise jig borer levels of positional accuracy within +/- 1 micron with the ability to contour with ultra-high accuracy due to the introduction of MAMS (Mitsui Accurate Milling Support) thermal monitoring system. The ‘Mother Machine’ term is widely used in Japan to describe an ‘ultra-high accuracy’ machine tool with the capability to produce critical features on further machine tools that have high accuracy potential.

Available through 2D CNC Machinery based in Hinckley, the Mitsui Seiki PJ812 vertical spindle precision profiling centre has been developed to accommodate higher precision machining demands such as those required in machine tool and quality equipment, aerospace and defence, medical, optical and specific mould and die applications.

Here, the combined advantage of high static rigidity, some six times greater than a conventional vertical machining centre, has been built into the 3-axis machine frame with the absolute benefit of thermal growth and deflection control that is greater by some 30 per cent over previous ‘incorporated’ production machine technologies.

MAMS is a multi-sensor based thermal growth monitoring system able to minimise the influence of temperature changes on workpiece accuracy and cut temperature generated displacement by up to 60 per cent. This system is also able to control the thermal growth and deflection in the Z-axis by some 30 per cent compared with previous generation technologies employed.

Further contributing to higher accuracy ‘Mother Machine’ capability is a planer-style symmetric construction with hardened and ground steel slideways and special contact elements to enhance acceleration. Mitsui Seiki’s latest development of a ‘sliding mechanism’ that is able to reduce ‘stick-slip’ helps achieve an accuracy of 0.1 micron for axis feed. The PJ812 also has centralised coolant system for its ballscrews to stabilise the precision of axis feeds, slideway lubrication and other critical surfaces. As a result, heat deformation is reduced and the distance between the Z-axis drive and the spindle is minimised.

Axis travels of the Mitsui Seiki PJ812 are 1,200 mm in X, 800 mm in Y and 500 in Z. The 1,200 mm by 800 mm table is able to accommodate loads up to 1.5 tonnes. Direct drive spindle choices include 30 kW, 50 taper, 10.000 revs/min and 40 taper, 18 kW, 30,000 revs/min versions. Rapid traverse rates are 24m/min. A 40 tool magazine is standard and control is by Fanuc 31iM-B.

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