OPEN MIND’s hyperMILL® 2017.1 At SOLIDWORKS World

OPEN MIND Hypermill

OPEN MIND will demonstrate hyperMILL® 2017.1 at SOLIDWORKS World from February 5 to 8 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. SOLIDWORKS World is the annual gathering of the SOLIDWORKS community to learn and share experiences. OPEN MIND is a Gold partner for its integrated hyperMILL® CAM software, meeting the requirements of integration, user interface and seamless data access.

During SOLIDWORKS World, OPEN MIND will present “The Making of a Great Machine Shop” in the Certified Partner Theater on February 6, with focus on end-user HQ Industries of Edmonton AB. HQ Industries has experienced growth by producing higher value parts in the face of depressed oil prices that drive the economy in Edmonton.

In Booth 710 at SOLIDWORKS World, OPEN MIND will display the recently released hyperMILL® 2017.1. This release continued OPEN MIND’s delivery of high innovations to its users. The CAM software product covers 2.5D through 5-axis milling and drilling, mill-turn, and specialty applications. Each software release provides enhancements and new product functions covering all product capabilities. This ensures that all users benefit from the latest technology.

Some of the specific highlights in this release include enhancements to the hyperMILL® MAXX Machining finishing module, allowing combined semi-finish and finish passes, and also providing the user with more control over the contact point location on the conical barrel cutter.

A new adaptive pocketing routine is provided as an extension to the Optimized Roughing cycle. With this option, hyperMILL® identifies embedded circles or rectangles within general pocket shapes. These regions are machined in a highly optimized manner and remaining regions are treated as automatic rest areas. The tool path motion is greatly improved, the machining cycle times are reduced, and the impact on the machine tool also reduces hard motions and extends service life.

Some other enhancements include turning with chip break, simplifications to define turning tools and reference points; and in milling automation of swarf drive surfaces with easily controlled corner fillets, and precise modelling of high-feed mills and other specialty cutters.

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