Sumitomo extends exotic alloy RSX Wave Mill series

Sumitomo MWC 5312

Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal has extended its RSX Series of highly successful Wave Radius milling cutters which have proven highly successful when machining exotic alloys. The latest additions extend the cutter body range by introducing RSX08000 and RSX20000 using the same design criteria for more general purpose applications plus two new insert grades ACP200 and ACK300.

The combination of high stability RSX cutter body design and the specialist multi-coated inserts feature ultra-low levels of resistance under cutting conditions with the advantage of minimising the onset of vibration due to the influence of geometry and especially a high rake angle.

The extension to the RSX range covers the cutter body sizes available of shank, shell and modular-type toolholders which opens the application where benefits of lower levels of resistance to cutting forces help solve problems when less than ideal processing, machine set up arrangements or workpiece design lack for instance, a basic rigidity for effective cutting cycles.

These bodies feature a Sumitomo specific development for precise positioning and location of the insert with a highly durable with a thickened support behind the insert and an ‘R’-shaped pocket feature giving more efficient swarf control. A special location combines a series of formed tangs in the insert that confirms a precise and highly stable mounting position in the body which is then positively locked in position against a conical clamping face.
The shank, shell and modular type holders are available in standard and fine pitch variants with shank types now covering 20 mm to 32 mm. Modular types are available between 20 and 40 mm external diameter and shell cutters between 40 and 160 mm.

The addition of ACP200 insert grade is targeted at more effective milling of stainless and die steels while ACK300 is for cast and ductile irons. Both insert types incorporate Sumitomo’s Super ZX PVD coating. The Super ZX nano technology coating has a film hardness some 40 per cent higher than more conventional inserts which enables machining to be carried out at least 1.5 times more efficiently achieving at least a doubling of the cutting life.

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