Turbex to promote precision cleaning at Medtec

Turbex ultrasonic cleaning line
A typical automated multi stage ultrasonic cleaning line

Equipment for component cleaning specifically targeted at the medical sector will be promoted by Turbex, the leading supplier in the UK and Ireland of aqueous industrial washing machines and lines, both standard and bespoke.

The company’s technical centre in Alton, Hampshire, provides expert advice on processes, component handling and detergents in addition to displaying and demonstrating a wide cross section of products in a well-equipped showroom.

In the medical industry, equipment and systems can be validated according to cleaning and throughput requirements. Documentation for quality assurance can be supplied and system control is to FDA 21CFR Part 11, with audit trail. Support for risk analysis (FMEA) and validation of systems and processes (IQ & OQ) are provided.

Turbex offers two ranges of aqueous machines that are particularly well suited to use by manufacturers of medical equipment and prosthetics. The accent at Medtec Ireland 2017 will be on the modular ultrasonic systems with integrated passivation for final cleaning of implants, surgical instruments, endoscopes and optics made of metal, ceramic and plastic. Simpler systems for pre-cleaning are also available.

artificial hip
Prosthetic hip joints are ideal for precision cleaning in an automated ultrasonic system.

A problem-solving approach ensures customers’ needs are met, especially when processing parts of complex geometry to a superior standard of cleanliness with the requisite chemicals. An array of handling equipment and accessories is available for delivering optimal processes.

The high precision cleaning machine programme ranges from multi-tank cleaning and drying lines with automation down to small bench-top units. A hallmark of the ultrasonic machines is multi-frequency capability, where a single transducer can generate two different ultrasonic frequencies. Dis-similar components and materials can therefore be processed optimally in the same tank.

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medical components
A selection of medical components processed using Turbex aqueous cleaning equipment.